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Technical Communication Program


The Technical Communication (TC) Program is part of the Department of Engineering Professional Development in the College of Engineering.


About the Program

UW Engineering Campus

The Technical Communication Program teaches the major communication courses for undergraduate students in the College of Engineering. The tiered undergraduate courses in Basic and Technical Communication (EPD 155 and 397) meet the University’s General Education Requirements and satisfy engineering departments’ requirements for professional communication practices.

In addition, we offer the Technical Communication Certificate (TCC) for undergraduates who are interested in honing their communication skills. Students enrolled in the certificate will benefit from instruction in designing, writing, editing, presenting, and evaluating technical and scientific information, and by collaborating in interdisciplinary teams and applying emerging technologies to technical communication. (We regret that we are unable to offer the TCC to graduate students.)

Students in Technical Communication courses benefit from:


Our Mission

The Technical Communication Program strives to enhance our students’ communication abilities and provide effective communication training for undergraduates in engineering and science disciplines.

While the main purpose of the TC Program is to teach undergraduate students, faculty also teach graduate students and professional engineers in courses offered by Engineering Professional Development.


Educational Objectives

Overall, the objectives of the Program are to:

  • Provide education in principles and processes for communicating about technical subjects (including problem solving methods, audience analysis, rhetorical analysis, conventions of format, and usability testing).
  • Provide education in the fundamentals of written, oral, and visual communication (including structure, style, mechanics, format, and delivery).
  • Emphasize effective interpersonal communication and management skills (including teamwork, interviewing, leading and facilitating groups, project management and international communication).
  • Extend opportunities for students to research and think analytically about contemporary issues and consider ethical issues.
  • Use current technology to encourage effective communication in a variety of formats and environments.
  • Strengthen relationships with other engineering departments and industry (i.e. integrate communication in the engineering curriculum and provide students with real world experiences through communication internships and guest lectures).

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