Entering The Steuber Prize For Exellence in First-Year Writing

Who can enter?

Freshmen who are enrolled in the College of Engineering and have satisfied up to 32 credits of coursework (not including AP credits) are eligible to enter the Steuber Prize for Excellence in First-Year Writing. (Upperclassmen should enter the main Steuber Prize.)


What should I submit?
Entries may be on any topic that fits the competition’s categories, but the paper you submit must be 2500 words or less. Please submit four copies, all double-spaced. Include a copy of the entry form, downloadable here or available from the Technical Communication Program, M1050 Engineering Centers Building.


What are the categories and how are they designated?

After your title, indicate in square brackets—[R], [A], or [C]—which category you are entering, as described below:

  • [R] for reflective non-fictional, non-technical, insightful writing (for instance, about engineering as a career, your interest in a particular engineering discipline or design; about your experience in college thus far; about a life-changing experience; about a travel or cultural experience that has changed your perspective)
  • [A] for academic/non-fictional/technical writing (an informative, persuasive, or expressive paper or report)
  • [C] for creative writing (a work of your imagination—poetry, fiction, drama, etc.)


When is the deadline to enter?

Entries must be received by noon on March 1, 2016. (The 2015 Competition has closed.)


Where do I submit my entries?

Submit your materials to the Technical Communication Program, M1050 Engineering Centers Building. If the door to the office is locked, then please place your materials in the mailbox marked “Steuber” on the first floor of ECB, near the University Avenue entrance. (Please do not slip your materials under the office door, as they can be easily lost that way.)


What if I have other questions?

Consult the entry rules or contact the Technical Communication Program. You may also read the past winners online.


I’m a little nervous about entering. Got any tips for me?

Yes! Check out our writing tips.