Previous First-Year Steuber Winners

Creative Writing Winners

First Prize
Madison Knobloch, “Dust and Air” (2016)
Audrey Packer, “The Window” (2011)
Jedediah Khampane, “The Grand Eraglio” (2010)
Katelyn Jorgensen, “The First Midterm” (2009)
Chun-See Tsao, “Theory of Relativity” (2009)

Honorable Mention
Nawang Singhe, “VIII. Angst” (2016)
Audrey Brown, “Imaginings, Realities, and Stranger Therapy” (2014)

Reflective Writing Winners

First Prize
Rasika Ramanathan, “I’m So Sorry to Ask You . . . What’s Your Name Again?” (2016)
Elizabeth Svigeli, “Hot Times: My Journey to the UW Marching Band” (2015)
Stephen Slattery, ““Road to the Sky” (2014)
Jessica Thomas, “Change That Counts” (2014)
Shawn Kerns, “The Dawn” (2013)
Yifan Li, “Fluttering to Success” (2013)
Katherine Baldwin, “An Old Friend” (2012)
Jacqueline German, “How Did I Get Here?” (2011)
Kristin Roskopf, “My Life Plan, Revisited” (2011)
Katharine M. Howell, “The Infamous Ugly Teapots” (2010)

Honorable Mention
Thomas J. Vanasse, “Groundbroken” (2012)

Academic Writing Winners

First Prize
Justin Alt, “Navy vs. Whales: The Impacts of Sonar” (2013)
James Hermus, “Nanomedicine Changing the Way Cancer is Detected and Treated” (2013)
Tyler Lieberthal, “The Perils of Mass Food Production” (2012)
Daniel Rothe, “Ethanol: Friend or Foe?” (2012)
Ryan Anderson, ““Nuclear Space Propulsion: Overcoming the Chemical Barrier” (2011)
Nicholas Stefani, “Solar Power Optimization” (2011)
Thomas J. Gruman, “The Growing Obsession with Technology” (2010)
Scott Hatfield, “Human Response to Ionizing Radiation” (2010)
Kelly Radmann, “How Advertisement Skews Truth in YAZ Publicity” (2010)
Lauren Kern, “What Could Be Worse Than a Hanging Chad?” (2009)
Robert Ringle, “Geothermal Is the Answer” (2009)

Honorable Mention
Andrea Polis, “The Spatial Effect of Office Layout on Workers” (2015)