Wisconsin Engineer Magazine

Wisconsin Engineer is a non-profit corporation run entirely by UW-Madison students as a real business.  Its mission is to publish Wisconsin Engineer, a magazine that has been in continuous publication since 1896.

Staff members join one of the magazine’s departments and work at producing two issues of the magazine each semester. You may choose to join any of these departments:
Web: frontend and backend for magazine website www.wisconsinengineer.com
Graphic Design: lay out articles and illustrations for printing
Writing: research and write articles for the magazine and website
Photography: illustrate magazine articles
Business: track finances, sell advertisements, distribute magazines around campus

Students may register for EPD 690 and earn one credit per semester for their work for Wisconsin Engineer.  The first two credits count towards Technical Communication Certificate, and students can earn additional credit for working on special projects.

EPD 690 students do everything the other staff members do, plus:
✑ Attend staff meetings (every other Wednesday at 7pm),
✑ Do 5 homework assignments (related to your department),
✑ Attend one meeting of the management team (we call them Eds & Heads),
✑ Distribute copies of the magazine twice on campus, and
✑ Sell 2 subscriptions.

Direct questions about taking EPD 690 for credit to Faculty Advisor Mike Shapiro at mike.shapiro@wisc.edu.

For more information about Wisconsin Engineer, please consult their main website at www.wisconsinengineer.com or contact the editors.