Entering the Wunsch Materials Handling Prize

The Wunsch Materials Handling Prize rewards those who submit innovative papers on the topic of materials handling. Prizes of up to $1,000 are offered for papers on any topic that relates to materials handling, including robotic transport, micro-electronics manufacturing, automated assembly, and manipulation of materials in packaging. The competition is open to both graduate students and undergraduates who hold at least sophomore status.

The deadline for the Wunsch Prize is noon on March 6, 2020. Each contestant is allowed one entry, of which he or she must be the sole author. There is no limit on length of the essay. Entries must be typed—handwritten entries are not accepted—and if outside sources are used, they must be cited using a proper style such as APA, IEEE, or MLA.

To enter the contest, enroll in the Wunsch Prize Canvas course and submit the contest entry form and a copy of your paper. The author’s name must appear only on the entry form, which is available for download here. The author’s name must be left off the copy of the paper or essay.



First Place
Addison Woods Pierskalla
“The Economic Feasibility and Sustainability of Amazon Prime Air”



First Place
Rebecca Hollett
“Investigation of Picking Strategies to Increase Efficiency in E-Grocer Warehousing Operations”


Honorable Mention
Rafi Sufi
“Data Security Methods for RFID Patient Monitoring: A Comparison between Fixed, Randomized, and Pre-Authenticated Read Access Controls”



First Place
Stephanie Bruckschen
“A Recommendation for Performance Improvement in Distribution Centers: An Analytical Comparison of Picking Technologies”


Honorable Mention
Ryan McElhinny
“Application of Automatic Guided Vehicles in a Flexible Manufacturing System”




First Place
Debjit Roy
“Aging Baby Boomers: Workforce Challenges and Ergonomic Solutions for Order Picking Operations”



First Place
Debjit Roy
“Magic Shelves: Boosting E-retail Sales by Reducing Order Picking Inefficiencies”


Second Place
Thomas Davich
“Material Handling Solutions: A Look Into Automated Robotics”


Third Place
Lea Zeise
“Large Scale Food Waste Composting as a Means of Waste Diversion”