The Engineering Communication Program teaches four core courses–EPD 275, InterEGR 397, InterEGR 398, and InterEGR 690–in addition to various electives.  These courses are listed under the prefix “InterEGR” in the timetable and are briefly described below.

EPD 275: Technical Presentations (2 credits; Fall and Spring)
This course focuses on the principles and theory of effective oral technical presentations and provides a framework for applying the principles in professional settings common to the engineering profession. The course consists of five parts: 1) preparation, delivery, and evaluation of oral presentation on technical subjects, 2) analysis of professional ‘real-world’ technical presentations, 3) survey of presentation technology, 4) self-analysis including listening and non-verbal skills, and 5) practice of group discussion and interview skills.
Prerequisites or Corequisites: Sophomore standing.

InterEGR 397: Engineering Communication (3 credits; Fall, Spring, and Summer)

Communication for engineering, science, and technology; theory and practice in planning, preparing, and critiquing reports, proposals, instructions, and business correspondence; research strategies, collaborative work; oral presentations.
Prerequisites or Corequisites: Junior standing.

InterEGR 398: Technical Communication Internship (1 credit)
Two-component course: 1) professional writing experience entailing approximately 80 hours internship with a local corporation, industry, government agency, or educational unit; and 2) one 75-minute class every other week to structure the internship and provide discussion of related issues.
Prerequisites or Corequisites: EPD 397; enrollment in Technical Communication Certificate; 6 credits in other communication courses or consent of instructor

InterEGR 690: Special Topics
Wisconsin Engineer (1 credit; Fall and Spring). The Wisconsin Engineer magazine has been in print since 1896, and is published entirely by and for students at UW-Madison. The magazine is published four times yearly (in September, November, February, and April by the Wisconsin Engineering Journal Association). All interested students have equal opportunity to contribute.

Note that InterEGR 690 courses not taught by Engineering Communication instructors do not count towards the Technical Communication Certificate.