The Engineering Communication Program teaches four core courses: EPD 275, InterEGR 397, EPD 398, and InterEGR 413. 

EPD 275: Technical Presentations (2 credits; Fall and Spring)
This course focuses on the principles and theory of effective oral technical presentations and provides a framework for applying the principles in professional settings common to the engineering profession. The course consists of five parts: 1) preparation, delivery, and evaluation of oral presentation on technical subjects, 2) analysis of professional ‘real-world’ technical presentations, 3) survey of presentation technology, 4) self-analysis including listening and non-verbal skills, and 5) practice of group discussion and interview skills.
Prerequisites or Corequisites: Sophomore standing.

InterEGR 397: Engineering Communication (3 credits; Fall, Spring, and Summer)

Communication for engineering, science, and technology; theory and practice in planning, preparing, and critiquing reports, proposals, instructions, and business correspondence; research strategies, collaborative work; oral presentations.
Prerequisites or Corequisites: Junior standing.

EPD 398: Technical Communication Internship (1 credit)
Two-component course: 1) professional writing experience entailing approximately 80 hours internship with a local corporation, industry, government agency, or educational unit; and 2) one 75-minute class every other week to structure the internship and provide discussion of related issues.
Prerequisites or Corequisites: InterEGR 397; enrollment in Technical Communication Certificate; 6 credits in other communication courses or consent of instructor

InterEGR 413: Engineering Communication (1 credit)

Provides a comparative examination and analysis of global trends and regional variations for engineering concepts, standards and practices. Using organizational case studies, the course will describe and analyze multi-national engineering operations and summarize best practices and caveats.
Prerequisites or Corequisites: Declared in International Engineering Certificate.